Our Approach

We are a dynamic group of energy professionals with various backgrounds in the industry. Our company is driven by the experience of executives from both sides of the energy industry, Supplier and Consulting. Our clients average a savings of twenty-five percent over traditional purchasing methods. We're not a broker, but rather a full-service consultancy. Our wholesale transparency and retail market intelligence is the game-breaker, allowing our commodity analysts to virtually dictate prices to motivated Retail Energy Providers; eliminating risk as well as component shuffling, and minimizing margins. Beyond initial procurement, we continue to capture savings in the market and provide demand side opportunities such as Demand Response, Utility Management and Energy Star Certification for your facilities.

Our primary focus is the most critical part of your energy costs- procurement. Sure, demand side management is important and a part of our overall service offering, however, developing a buying strategy which begins with proactive supply procurement and the management thereof is crucial. Then, enhance the supply savings by measuring and managing your energy efficiency efforts.

Energy contracting is no longer a simple matter of choosing the lowest-cost supplier. Now, cost is complicated by credit issues, contracts with clauses that lean in the suppliers favor. It’s an ever-changing environment, and you need someone you can rely on that’s on your side. You never enter into a contract of any type with NEC, our performance is what marries us to our clients. Hence, it's that performance with which our clients have come to depend on National Energy Consulting.

Our Fee

We help companies of all sizes and in all industries lock in the most beneficial energy arrangements, we forecast market changes at an 92% rate of accuracy, and we manage risks and help you budget for long-term price certainty. You never make a direct payment to NEC, our fee is a component of your energy rate we negotiate on your behalf and is paid to us by the supplier with which you choose to contract. Depending on load size and term, we'll identify a fee that is acceptable to you based on our level of involvement with your particular energy needs. Typically, it's one to three tenths of a cent per kilowatt hour, sometimes less. We provide a 'look-back' analysis which among other important data will prove our value in dollar and percentage of savings.

Market Intelligence

Since deregulation, its become essential for businesses to make their procurement a priority and look at it as an opportunity instead of a big hassle. In todays market, windows of opportunity are continually opening and closing as market conditions change. NEC's analysts monitor the energy markets and inform you when it is time to contract. If market activity is about to be effected for fundemental or technical reasons, you will know ahead of time and take appropriate action. We provide much more than a new contract. You get information that makes these important decisions a rewarding opportunity.

National Energy Consulting established the Texas Aggregation for Political Subdivisions (TAPS), enabling political entities such as cities, counties, colleges and school districts to purchase and manage utilities with market transparency and a true competitive negotiation process. Similar aggregations in other deregulated states are forthcoming.

TAPS allows these entities, which have an inherit responsibility to their constituency, to strategically purchase their individual contracts while enjoying the benefits of aggregating loads. This affords members of TAPS the market intelligence and pricing transparency that before now was arguably non-existent. TAPS also satisfies the competitive bid requirement so the political subdivisions do not have to shoulder that responsibility. TAPS' commodity advisors continue to capture savings in the market when opportunities arise, further lowering costs for those members with contracts eligible for hedging and/or extensions. TAPS also provides these entities with energy management software required by the state, as well as Energy Star Partner status.

NEC Monitors the Following

  • Regional and national energy market movements
  • Local, state, and national regulatory developments
  • Activity on ERCOT, Northeast, and Midwest markets
  • Gas transportation and basis figures
  • Energy market prices and indices for the regions where you do business