Manage your utilities: electricity, natural gas, water, sewage, even telecom. See our EnergyCAP page for more information.

Bill Verification

NEC will verify that your utility invoices are billed accurately according to your contract and associated taxes and tarriffs. This is done on a monthly basis, most times before you see your invoice from your supplier in the mail. We will facilitate any credit to your account due to billing errors.

Energy Star

You will be an Energy Star Partner via EnergyCAP which will manage your energy information. Energy Star certification is available also.

Energy Audit

NEC will perform on-site energy audits to your facilities in order to identify areas in which energy efficiency projects will help achieve your facilities efficiency goals.

Demand Response

Another savings opportunity that NEC can facilitate is participation in Demand Response programs. In response to shortages of delivery capacity, utilities are increasingly seeking customers able and willing to voluntarily reduce their usage during peak usage periods. If some customers can reduce their usage upon request, the utilities will be better able to meet peak demand and pay you for that concession.

If you are considering investing in back-up generation or if you can reduce or temporarily halt your operations, you could be eligible to receive compensation from your utility, whether or not you are called upon to minimize or shut-down.

NEC can help you determine if you are a good candidate by reviewing your usage profile. If you are a good candidate, NEC can use your profiled data to prove your eligibility to suppliers and help you enroll in the best program for you.

Improving energy efficiency and lowering overall costs is the big deal now days. How can you ensure that your investment in energy efficiency yields the desired return? We can explain to you the options which will provide the quickest returns and most sustainable. NEC functions as your advocate in helping you identify projects that will make the most sense for you. We are a truly objective voice that had no vested interest in whether you invest in a given project or not.

NEC can help you:

  • Audit your facility to identify behavior modification and/or projects to improve efficiency
  • Facilitate your RFP process to select the best contractor
  • Help you negotiate your contract(s) with ESCO's
  • Measure the performance of your contractors