EnergyCAP Enterprise is designed to be the best energy information software available for total integration and management of an organization's diverse utility bill and energy management needs. In 2008, EnergyCAP licenses passed the 1,000 mark and user logins exceeded 5,000. 2009 will increase these numbers even more. In competitive software procurements, EnergyCAP is most frequently the software of choice for professional energy and facilities managers who need the best possible energy management and cost reduction software.

Your NEC Consultant will provide a live DEMO for you upon request.

EnergyCAP Enterprise is perfect for organizations that need:

  • Verification of utility bills. EnergyCAP's exclusive Bill Auditor checks each bill for reasonableness 50 ways!
  • Energy, cost and savings reports. Over 200 reports, each with extensive filtering options. Save time with report Favorites and Batch reports.
  • Cost avoidance results. EnergyCAP calculates the cost avoidance (dollar savings) attributable to energy management activities, in accordance with the international standard for performance contract measurement and verification.
  • Energy efficiency. It's often said that you can't control what you can't see. Enterprise lets you see quickly and easily a total picture of your organization's energy cost and consumption, the first step to energy efficiency and cost reduction!
  • ENERGY STAR benchmarking and energy ratings. EnergyCAP Enterprise’s interface to the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager submits your building data to ENERGY STAR in order to benchmark your buildings and rate their energy performance.

Features Include:

  • Utility Bill Tracking
  • Rate Schedule Analysis
  • Utility Bill Audits
  • Annual Energy Budgets
  • Utility Bill Usage and Cost (PowerViews™)
  • Energy Benchmarking Charts
  • Over 200 Reports Dealing With Utility Billing, Budgets, Cost Avoidance, Production, Analysis, Weather and GHGs
  • Weather Data Tracking and Upload and Degree Day Charts and Reports
  • Comprehensive Multi-User and Security Access Level Management
  • Utility Interval data and Production Data Tracking
  • Split Utility Bills by Percentages
  • Export Utility Bill Data to Accounts Payable or General Ledger
  • Import Utility Bills from Vendors Using EDI 810 Electronic Data Interchange or Flat File Format
  • Utility Bill Accruals

  • Enter or Import Submeter Reading Measurement and Verification to Create Bills or Chargebacks for Customers
  • Energy Cost Avoidance
  • Access for Remote User Via Internet
  • Advanced Scripts
  • Ad-hoc Reporting with Easy Export to Excel
  • Utilizes Microsoft SQL Server Data Storage and Processing
  • Yearly Maintenance Agreement Includes Tech Support and all Software Upgrades
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Tracking & Reporting
  • Energy Consumption Forecasting
  • Energy Supply Contract Administration
  • Web-based User Manual and Help Resources
  • Automated Interface to ENERGY STAR Benchmarking
  • Move-In Utility Vacant Expense Recovery™ (MUVER)