Our Approach

We are a dynamic group of energy professionals with various backgrounds in the industry. Our company is driven by the experience of executives from both sides of the energy industry, Supplier and Consulting. Our clients average a savings of twenty-five percent over traditional purchasing methods.


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A business opportunity and not just another utility contract

We help you develop a buying strategy that uses appropriate practices so you can leverage your buying power across your corporation while mitigating your risk exposure. As your energy advisors, we implement the strategy and measure your progress toward meeting your budget goals, as well as measure our progress working for you. You can't manage what you can't measure, and we we do both, well. Through market intelligence, timing, and wholesale transparency we're able to dictate a price for your business' energy requirements and strategy, thus allowing our energy market veterans the leverage and largest window possible to negotiate aggresive prices and terms.

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We Negotiate From A Position Of Strength

NEC helps you select the energy suppliers who offer the most beneficial agreement for your particular situation. Because we manage one of the top overhead items for any business, we know the importance of maximizing your savings and negotiating from a position of market strength.

Electricity Contracts

There are several components which make up your electricity contract price. Some can be included in the price, others may or may not, and then even others will never be included in your price.

Pricing Considerations

A longer term in some cases should be considered in order to determine the best price scenario for a particular customer. Consider this- a company will always be short in regards to energy (short meaning they will never be fully hedged for the length of time they will be requiring energy). Therefore, choosing a longer term can lower your energy costs dramatically and provide price certainty.

Market Timing

The market is volatile. Therefore, its crucial to your price no matter the structure, to have enough market intelligence to make the decision to contract at the right time. A couple of days or weeks can mean the difference in several dollars per MWh, which results in thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on your load size.

Structure vs. Market Conditions

There’s a structure that’s perfect for every customer, and you may not be aware of the right one for you. Unless your company has individuals devoted to the electricity market, you may not be aware of what options you have that will lower your overall costs. We will determine your risk appetite, and analyze your load data.

Delivery point or Buyers meter

This is an intricacy in which the price can be affected. Its important to determine which point the supplier is pricing. The delivery point refers to the TDSP or local utility and the buyers meter refers to the point at your facility where the electricity is consumed.

Ancillaries, Losses, Etc.

Bundled or pass through? Suppliers can pass through some or all charges depending on the request of the customer. If you overlook this area, your price could vary substantially and choosing a ‘best price’ scenario is almost impossible.

Volumes Grossed Up

This is a process in which a supplier can include the costs of some charges in your contract volumes whereas to present a lower ‘contract price’. It's important to your invoiced costs, and unless you are aware of the intricacies of pricing, you won’t know if pricing is being presented to you in this manner. The implication is that your contract price will be lower than the actual billed amount when you receive your bills.


EnergyCAP Enterprise is designed to be the best energy information software available for total integration and management of an organization's diverse utility bill and energy management needs.

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EnergyCAP Enterprise is perfect for organizations that need

  • Verification of utility bills. EnergyCAP's exclusive Bill Auditor checks each bill for reasonableness 50 ways!
  • Energy, cost and savings reports. Over 200 reports, each with extensive filtering options. Save time with report Favorites and Batch reports.
  • Cost avoidance results. EnergyCAP calculates the cost avoidance (dollar savings) attributable to energy management activities, in accordance with the international standard for performance contract measurement and verification.
  • Energy efficiency. It's often said that you can't control what you can't see. Enterprise lets you see quickly and easily a total picture of your organization's energy cost and consumption, the first step to energy efficiency and cost reduction!
  • ENERGY STAR benchmarking and energy ratings. EnergyCAP Enterprise’s interface to the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager submits your building data to ENERGY STAR in order to benchmark your buildings and rate their energy performance.

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Demand Response

Another savings opportunity that NEC can facilitate is participation in Demand Response programs. In response to shortages of delivery capacity, utilities are increasingly seeking customers able and willing to voluntarily reduce their usage during peak usage periods. If some customers can reduce their usage upon request, the utilities will be better able to meet peak demand and pay you for that concession.

If you are considering investing in back-up generation or if you can reduce or temporarily halt your operations, you could be eligible to receive compensation from your utility, whether or not you are called upon to minimize or shut-down. NEC can help you determine if you are a good candidate by reviewing your usage profile. If you are a good candidate, NEC can use your profiled data to prove your eligibility to suppliers and help you enroll in the best program for you.

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